Authenticity and state of Happiness

Is it okay to show happiness when you are sad inside? There are times when we put our mask on, and show exactly opposite of what we are feeling; it is good for a while but not for too long. In-authenticity affects us in long run and suppressing energies play with our minds when treated unwell.

Yeah, well, in today’s busy time, we hardly have time to show our emotions in a healthy way even if it is more than sadness. We have learnt to store and hold our emotions till we sleep on it.

The matter of staying authentic is all about reflection and being the true self by not living a life in reactive mode. If you’r sad, then let it be; you don’t need to show your happy face instead just stay with your sadness and feel the cause of it. If you’re angry then you don’t need to lash out on someone, just understand where it is coming from and help yourself with your trigger.

Our emotional reactive life is depend on what our environment holds, if a regular traffic is annoying you, then it is not a realistic behavior to blame your mood to that; all you can do is to be aware of your mood and make yourself understand – only one person that can make you happy is you.

But that doesn’t specify that you need to show your fake emotions in order to hide the real ones. You only need to understand yourself, so that you don’t need to lie any longer.

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What happens when we stay unauthentic for long period of time?

Sometimes we lie to people and the other times we lie to ourselves. But our DNA and muscular system stores these unresolved tension and energies in to our body and give us pain that is hard to be cured.

hence, we need healing from time to time.

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