Check if the social media detox is working?

After four months of social media detox, though, I only use Instagram in the name of being social online, I run some tests on myself; by tests, I mean if I am awoke from all this material concept or not. As we grow spiritually, each day is a healing period; each day we feel we are better than yesterday.

This is how we can check our state of mind by getting back being in social media.

Initially, the more inwards we see the more our eyes gets open towards the outer world. most of all, our perception starts to change. We observe Everyone has their own pace of growing. In many cases, we often turn to spiritual path when we face sadness and negativity from our external environment.

that engulfing darkness becomes our wake up call. We start to embrace the times when we face hardship because it is tending to lead us in right direction. and the fruitful results out of it makes us feel more grateful.

Using social media before felt different than 3 years back than it feels now. We are feeded by materialistic world and have become slave of the life that serves nothing but an addiction.

If you are feeling addicted than most probably it is a well of trouble to your mind, body and soul.

Social media is definitely addicting to anyone who dive into it. scrolling through feeds and thousands of information in one go, anyone can lost their hours in its use.

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use of medias are good unless you’ve become the slave of the online society. If your dreams, needs and wants are constantly changing according to what people are doing then you are highly affected by it. Look closely, if your dreams are purely yours or someone else, if it is not then your mind may be trafficked by the medias.

I have a habit of checking my state of mind and peace by the old triggers; the triggers which poked my mind into thinking and feeling insecurities, sadness, fear, judgments and many more.

If someone’s promotion pictures and travelling pictures are bothering you and you are having a fear of missing out then try to re-think all over about the growth pace you are in.

We think we have changed, we think we don’t give a damn what people are thinking and doing but are you aware of your true state or all this thoughts coming from the fear of feeling all this.

The time is to ask question to yourself and run some tests too.


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