Sneezing and Meditation

My 4 A.M. meditation routine had been continued to follow. Either I put on headphones and listen to OM chanting or I simply sit and do focusing on breath till I become soul.

I remember initially when I entered into this meditation world, I had various problems and the problem exaggerates when it gets irresistible, like Itching. Well, itching is something that I learnt to cope up with time but last week, I couldn’t stop sneezing.

Every time, I tried to get my head into a thoughtless zone where I can sense emptiness, I started getting this tingling sensation in my nostrils, simultaneously an urge to sneeze. What could I do, it had been already 25 minutes, I can’t disturb my meditation just because of this sneezing situation. But somehow I sneeze waking up my family members sleeping in next room.

Photo by Samuel Silitonga on

Well, I sit straight again, not going to lose this time. In the back of my head, I knew that I am going to sneeze again. Then in no time, I had a memory of first time when I checked my will power and patience during meditation and learn the procedure that I followed.

Again, that irritating sensation started to haunt all my sinus region. Suddenly I remember a guided meditation audio where the speaker had explained about shifting focus. I followed what I remember.

I changed my focus from my breath to my nose and the region I had those sensations. I simultaneously put the soft focus until I felt little heat and a soothing effect of releasing of that feeling.

If I were be a regular person in some public meditation hall, I would be thrown out, probably, in my first two sneeze. At least I have experienced the meditation practice before so that I could handle my body’s reaction to this inward journey of mindfulness.

releasing the irritants by way of becoming consciously making our body more stronger is a fruit of meditation. with over time, i released my emotional energies by being aware of my surroundings, became my ultimate goal in the time of healing.

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