One of the reasons of sadness

A few weeks back, after a long break from people around me, I came into contact with some of them. In my initial journey of self- healing, I had become self aware, I could quickly recognize my flaws and correct it eventually; but now things have changed, I can detect energy from my surrounding.

I am truly susceptible with energies, I am a living energy absorb-er like any other empath. With time I have learnt how my body harbinger me when affected by any kind of negativity.

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After two days of merely talking with 2-3 people who are unfortunately going through a mess, rather a mental mess, which is making them feel the unaware darkness within them; ending up being sad with too many reasons.

One of the reason of sadness: Judgmental and opinionated, unless you have a career based on that. I noticed how people spend their time thinking about flaws in others and pass judgment based on that.

If your life has become reaction based rather than a clear understanding then you are already in the path of happiness. Sadness is easy to grab. you need to sad, talk about either the fortunes of others or compare your blessings with them.

This time when I felt my people’s energy, I could see judgment in their eyes for everyone and even for me too. When you judge everyone, you are not affecting anyone but you. The negativity expands when we talk about people with wrong state of mind. and when our inside is messy, the outside is going to be messier. And everything seems to go against you in the outside works

How you can stop judging?

It is simple, start with awareness. If you know you are judging, then becoming aware at the moment helps a lot. you can switch your negative talk to positive one. Once you start to talk bout someone, rather judging, if you feel aware of it, start talking the good things about that person or may be reason why the person does things that is bothering you.

sometimes problem are not really big we just make them big. In real life, no one betrays us, it is us who expect a lot with others and feel sad when our expectations doesn’t meet, we feel terribly bad. It happens a lit and then is the time when judgment starts.


  1. It does seem that social media increases the possibilities of being judged by so many others.
    Your advice is solid, and well-intentioned.
    Many thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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