Why I keep it to myself?

Like every other empaths, I am the walking energy detector on the earth. I literally can sense the state of mind and hidden meaning of words in no seconds. I can tell when the person in front of me purely cares about me or he/she is just being curious. And often times, it occurs due to curiosity and r my state of being a mystery. This is hard to explain when I choose to become a sort of an enigma and hide my energies from people, mostly the negative ones.

I guess, many empath feel the same way like I do, my energy radiates so loud that if I start to tell people about my feelings, I get scared of hindering their own energy.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If the empaths detect feelings without any words merely by being present in the moment, on the other hand, the most of the other people are affected by the spoken words.

The one of the reasons why I keep everything to myself if changing the frequency of people who are receptive of the feelings radiation by words. I know how much energies and emotions changes my day and have effect on my well being physically and mentally as well.

To protect my people and not let their energy harm in any way, I keep to myself. To solve my problems on my own works best when I write journal daily. It makes me change my perspective and I no longer see my problem as such a big deal.

the other thing I do, I share things when I am already healed and I can talk about it without getting attached to those feelings and my energy in words and in my aura no longer hinder the people around me.

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