How to deal with Loneliness?

We all share a fair deal of loneliness in one and many point of our lives; though, some suffer it less and some more than everybody else. Loneliness can be felt when you are physically alone in a place or a room and it can also be felt in a room full of people.

The level of suffering from loneliness varied in different situation. One might be feeling this way because of lack of support or understanding and another might be feeling it because of absence of loved ones; your case may be different.

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Having emotions is the best thing to experience because feeling numb state is worst. Imagine, feeling nothing at all. The problem occurs when a person feels overwhelmed by an emotion all at once.

But why loneliness happens to us in a first place?

We all are one and connected, the universe want us to prove that you are never really lonely. It keeps you in dark so that you can walk a path towards light.

Have you ever in a dark room, like a physical room closed from everywhere . I bet, to escape the room, you’d always walked towards the light. To leave the current situation you need to cross the whole dark scary room once again to reach the light.

This also happens when we feel lonely, we need to feel everything to get out of the current situation.

Loneliness haunt us and it made us feel that we our at one place and the world stands in another place opposite to where we stand. The silence kills us deeply and leave the marks that creates a void which needs to filled desperately. People find the horrible ways to deal with it, like, substance abuse, multiple relationships, playing with danger, etc,etc. But surely, they are not answers to this.

Whenever you feel loneliness, feel it completely without looking for solutions and questioning its existence. Feel it with your complete heart and cry about it often.

Write about your feelings and spread the words in your diary until you feel that the problem never exists in the first place.

Don’t look for temporary solutions

The temporary happiness only stays for a time being. It vanishes as time passes by.

Write songs about your feelings or may be a poem.

Paint a picture to show your emptiness.

Just feel


until you feel the bliss of solitude.

Solitude is a state when you’d feel happy being in your own company

Solitude is dangerous, you’d start wondering that how this is happening. how come your loneliness have changed into a bliss. You’d feel grateful to your past and cherish your present.

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