Why searching for answers has become a problem in itself?

We often walk in a path, voluntarily selected by us, to solve our problems and eventually search for answers. We wander round and round looking for answers, and thinking where we are lacking, until we end up back to square one.

Here is what happens, when we experience downside of life, our mind becomes so chaotic and desperate to overcome those overwhelming emotions, that we forget that overthinking don’t solve anything but leave us exhausted at the bay of all problems.

Everything lies in calmness and peace. A few years back when I was a thinker, rather a overthinker, I was solving problems by dragging my weak soul along with it. Today, I have become conscious and mindful that I prefer to stay at peace before I could over analyze anything.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When I sit calmly at one place and be mindful of current situation, I am more likely to receive the answers and solution.

Sometimes in life, trusting the universe is the only answer. We can’t simply squeeze out the answers by thinking over and over.

If thinking is not working with you, try emptiness where lies the answer. Go to the empty space in your head as well as in your surroundings and embrace nothingness.

Don’t fill the emptiness with irrelevant thoughts, just let it be. Let everything to sleep in that space.

You’ll see, answers will arrive in that empty space. for a few days, don’t even think about looking for answers, just forget about it.

The best way to achieve that state is meditation and mindfulness.

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